The new website


My mission was to bring in new leads while improving customer experience.  I was challenged with building a new website adherent to current web standards.
With growing competition from the online world, a company must use their website not just for display, but to serve as a tool to attract clients. For Carlos & Miguel, this was the moment to transform their website and start using it as a lead magnet.


A new more intuitive, simplified, and up to the current standards website standards was built. An existing template was customized for Carlos & Miguel brand. I've also simplified the website navigation and followed Search Engine Optimization practices as ways to better showcase the products and bring leads.


After the launch of their website, Carlos & Miguel had a big increase in the number of contacts they received from the website. This transformed the website from a display tool to a tool that helped them increase awareness and sales.

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As the renovation and construction markets began to rise again, the client felt their website was too outdated and it was time for a refresh.

The old website was perfectly fitting for 2005, but it was 2017 and the web evolved a lot. No more flash intros, people want to see big images, internet on the phones is not an expensive thing anymore... In fact, now most browsing is done on phones.

They took an opportunity to invest in the infrastructure, to also revamp their online presence.

The new website

The objectives for the new website were clear: to capture leads and show a select list of featured products.

These objectives were translated this way:

  • provide an easy way for the user to get in touch
  • provide an easy way to ask for a quote
  • the home page needs to have more content and be the place to guide the user to its intended action
  • present the product images with greater focus and provide more product details
  • showcase the company and representations

Given these objectives and the choice to customize a website template, the next step was to adapt it to showcase the contents needed.

This next step involved the actual coding and tweaking of the visual part of the website, as well as translating the old database to the new database structure.

Also, it was on this step of the project that I started paving the way for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work. There are some considerations to take while coding the website that can help with SEO and these need to be implemented as well.

The new website

When it came to the content manager, I first evaluated the preexisting one to access how the process was done and checked with the client if there were any particular requirements to tend to.

I decided to present the client with a custom content management solution to ease the transition from the content manager they were used to, allowing me at the same time, to incorporate the requirements and improvements as needed.

The ease of use was and always is a sensitive one. Particular care must always be taken when it comes to choosing the tools to use on a website, so one does not fall into the trap to have an overcomplicated and complex system that the client can’t work on independently.

The new website

With the rollout of the new website, Carlos & Miguel told me they were getting excellent feedback from clients and suppliers.

The bigger successes however came in from the inbox, google analytics, and search.

  • The client reported they never had so many contacts received from the website
  • Google analytics showed a spike in daily users visiting the website since moving to the new version
  • Some product images are showing on the first screen of google image search, ranking better than some big names in the industry

All this without any ad campaign running.

The new website

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